All modern day, life style bathroom fixtures such as single lever faucets, thermostat products, body showers, rain shower, multi flow and regular shower, need to be backed with powerful WATER PRESSURE PUMP. A well designed WATER PRESSURE PUMP with proper rating can make you enjoy ultimate showering and rejuvenating experience.

Perfect solution for insufficient water pressure in Small & Large Independent Residences, Small Hotels, Boilers & Solar Heaters etc. Essential for Excellent Water Pressure in Showers, Large Rain Showers, Multifunction Shower Panels, Rain Maker, Water Tiles, Water Body Jets.

The cascade operation of the pumps is ensured by two single pressure switches. When the first pump to start, stops at the end of the cycle, a starting cycle switches to the second pump. If the first pump is unable to meet increased demand, second pump switches on automatically. The use of a tank is essential to prevent the beating of the pump control pressure switches. The volume of the chosen tank will govern the pump operating time. After pump stoppage by a water shortage safety device, restarting will only be permitted when upstream water returns.

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